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Guy Bergeron was born the 13th of October 1964 in Loretteville, Province of Quebec, Canada. He graduated in music: in 1990, 3rd cycle in composition at the Conservatoire de musique of Quebec; in 1986, collegial grade (DEC) in pop music, Cegep of Drummondville, and in 1984, collegial grade (DEC) in music, Cegep of Ste-Foy, with guitar as first instrument. He was also a student in jazz interpretation from 1992 until 1994 at the University of Montreal (electric guitar) and he studied computer-assisted music at the Musitechnic School in Montreal. He plays the guitar (classical, electric, acoustic, synthesizer), the banjo and the bass. He's been earning his living with music for more than 15 years, as a professional musician, a composer (jazz, classical music), an arranger, a teacher and also as a studio engineer as he manages his own studio. As a jazzman, Guy Bergeron has been influenced by Pat Metheny, Mike Stern, John Scofield. His various classical compositions know also a great success on the Net. Press reviews Guytare Bergeron: "Contexte" Try this fine cut from Quebecois guitarist Guytare Bergeron. Armed with a super-clean Jazz Guitar sound, his Metheny-like chordal shifts and low-key backing group take you on a three-and-a-half minute musical journey. Recorded with a welcoming open ambiance, this tune shifts back and forth from a swing feel to cut-time and back. Certain phrasings he used evoked a bit of both Stanley Jordan, and John Scofield, whom he cites as an influence. -Chauncey Canfield at www.breakingartists.com

Multi-instrumentalist Guy Bergeron makes jazz that's easy on the ears, but with distinctive guitar playing that stands out from the crowd.His training and playing now allow him to earn his living as a professional musician, so kick back and enjoy his unique style of laid-back jazz fusion. -http://www.riffage.com/Genres/0,2848,30,00.html

When I first heard this CD, my jaw just dropped. I'm a big fan of jazz musicians, because they never cease to amaze me. Guy was no exception. The way this music is composed is just absolutelyamazing. This is some beautiful work. Even if jazz is not your thing, you'll love this CD. I think my favorite song on this CD is "Rush 1.0", or then again it could be "Lynn's Blues", or thenagain it could be any one of the 14 songs. I feelhonored to be able to review this CD, because it's such a masterpiece. Check out Guytare Bergeron's mp3 page and download some of these remarkable songs.--- -Gunther G.-TGM

On this release Guy Begeron offers up more of the same strong and diverse array of guitar virtuosity. The cover of the CD is very appropriate as the artist seems to be able to cover the entire map of the Jazz-Rock- Fusion musical genre without missinga step. It's difficult to say much more about what a fine all-around musician this man is. On this CD he delves more into the jazz than on "Volume 1 1996". "Compositions Jazz" is a descriptive and apt title indeed. Bergeron's body of work is quite impressive. He stands on solid ground at all times, never faltering in any way. This release has more traditional jazz for the listener's enjoyment. There is plenty of fusion although it's toned downever so slightly on a few of the tracks. A standout effort nevertheless and a completely enjoyable listen for anyone that can appreciate the purity of Bergeron's artistry. Another superb rendering of jazz syncopation's and guitar expertise from a consummate player.

-MuzikMan/February 10, 2000, http://www.muzikman.com


Née dans la ville Québec, Guy Bergeron a fait ses études en guitare classique et jazz ainsi qu’en composition et ce, dans différentes institutions : Cégep de Ste-Foy, Cégep de Drummondville, Université de Montréal et Conservatoire de musique de Québec. Il travaille comme compositeur, arrangeur, chef d’orchestre, professeur, technicien de son et musicien-pigiste (guitare, banjo, mandoline, basse électrique) depuis plus de 25 ans. Il a enregistré, à son studio, les albums et des maquettes d’une centaine de groupes musicaux de la région de Québec. Il a aussi écrit des arrangements et des compositions pour divers ensembles vocaux et instrumentaux. Bref, Guy Bergeron est un passionné de la musique et sa passion l’amène à toucher à une très grande variété de styles de musique.